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"Momo…not in the mood…" Normally he’d be okay with her strange tastes, but now he just had to whine.

She raised a brow at that, rocking back and forth on her feet. “What’s got you in such a twist?” 


Shintaro’s curled up on his bed.

"Ugh…pickle juice tastes like shit…this is supposed to help?"

"Pickle juice is fantastic. Watch your mouth."

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"Nnnnngh, I don’t feel good…"

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"Hey do you wanna rolepl-‘

(ʘ‿ʘ✿) of fucking course I wanna roleplay don’t even ask

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Sooo recently i suppose you could say that I’ve been having some really bad and strange depressionish mood swing like things and idk but I had a sorta cute idea based on other posts I’ve seen around and w/e so here goes nothing


I printed off a Heckie ton of star paper, and they’re all like super cute designs like


Super cute abstracts n some pokemon and look a vocaloid themed style too omg so cute (I want some kagepro themed ones and I might make some later tbh because i need more kagepro in my life)

and so, whoever reblogs this I will take your url like so


(I spelt my own url wrong at the end jfc omg)

And I’ll fold it all up into a cute mini star and put it into this cute lil bag that I carry around with me


and whenever I’m really upset, I will unravel the star and send you a inbox msg saying thank you because you reblogged this whatever and it sorta showed you cared or w/e and it will probs make me really happy too n stuff. So yeee,

TL;DR reblog and i’ll make you a cute star and eventually thank you for your time u v u

Have  a good day \(^▽^@)ノ

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peaches & blue ; momo / saruhiko


9:52 p.m.

nearly time for the curtain to close on that week’s concert appearance. he slipped his phone back into the pocket of his issued midnight black slacks and leaned against the wall opposite the dressing room, a white sheet of paper with bolded lettering stretched along the width reading, “MOMO KISARAGI" staring right back at him.

it had been a few months—six or seven, maybe—since he’d managed to land a job as a bodyguard for the idol. just shy of twenty years old and already responsible for the safety and well-being of someone who wasn’t himself; in other words, following her around so she wouldn’t get mobbed by people. babysitting, in simplest terms. troublesome out the ass, but at least he got paid a lot.


he could hear the crowd’s cheering, and just above that, momo’s voice thanking them for coming out to see her. the usual ending speech. sometimes he wondered if she was getting tired of repeating it. in any event, right then was as good a time as ever to prepare himself. the next few minutes following her exit from the stage were going to be chaotic as they always were with security fighting off the handful of people who always seemed to make it past whatever gate or other provision they had set up beforehand.

he’d noticed it from the beginning, but there was something weird about momo. the way people were drawn to her was almost…abnormal—in ways that entirely surpassed that of the typical crazed fan. saruhiko hadn’t given it much thought, but it always floated around the back of his mind…

Maybe one day she’d enjoy her job. Maybe one day it wouldn’t be such a hassle to force herself up on stage and sing. Maybe one day it’d actually be easy.

"Thank you for coming! I love you all!" A lie. A complete and utter lie. in some part of her brain, Momo resented her fans, knowing for a fact that they were part of the reason she was still stuck doing what she did. She had to say ‘one of the reasons’ because her mom was still the primary cause. She loved helping her mom, don’t get her wrong, but anything else… anything else would be better than doing idol work. If flipping burgers would be enough to pay for necessities at home, she’d much rather do that.

It was just difficult for her personality. Sure, she was an outgoing and bubbly person, but she faked most of it. Inside she was just as socially awkward as that weird kid in the back of the class. It was all a facade, and her eye ability just made things worse.

"Goodnight! Goodnight!" She waved and called to the roaring crowd up until the very last moment where she slipped backstage. Upon exiting, she allowed her eye ability to fade and the overly wide smile to go along with it.

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